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Women of Valor Ministries, Inc.

The Valor Crisis and Training Center was established in 2013 as the result of an increase in requests for services and referrals from larger agencies that were routinely running out of funds. The center assists low-income adult residents of Washington County to achieve self-sufficiency through our THRIVE program established in 2015. Washington County is the fourth highest county in MD with people living below the poverty level. Renters are three times as likely to be cost overburdened by 50% or more. In addition, a single parent with two children would need to make almost $45,000 per year to be self-sufficient. Our clients do not even come close to that. Without intervention, they may never have enough money to cover even their basic needs. We are committed to growing and adapting our center to meet emerging needs. We believe our efforts will not only strengthen families but will also help reduce the strain on the local economy. Monies raised during this year’s WC Gives will go toward operational expenses. Our requests for services are increasing on a daily basis at our center as well as offsite at the Washington County Day Reporting Center (WCDRC). Due to the positive reputation of our program, Valor was handpicked to teach soft skills to their court-mandated offenders with addiction issues. Our budget for this year is roughly $264,500. We are able to keep our expenses low because we do not have large staff expenses. Last year, our volunteers gave over $150,000 in in-kind wages. Even our executive director does not take a salary so more money can go toward the mission! Your donation will put us one step closer to reaching our goals and we are excited about the prospects of partnering with you.

223 N. Prospect Street, Suite 403
Hagerstown, MD 21740

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