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Hagerstown Hopes

To provide a place where we can bring unity, education, and services to support our local LGBTQ+ and local communities. And to provide the community with a comfortable environment to socialize, acquire educational information, and guidance.

PO Box 4879

We are enriching the lives of a community that has felt isolated in Washington County. In many parts of our county, fear of being an open LGBTQ+ member of the community is strong. We hope to let members of our community know they have a safe place with us and we are working to make Washington County and surrounding communities safe for them too. And with support from our local businesses, civic organizations and other non-profits, we will be able to assist the community more, get our message out and work towards making that goal a reality. We are in the process of opening a community center where we will provide peer to peer support groups, educational seminars and resources related to the needs of the community.
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